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  1. tlm::tlm_fifo< std::array > ff; gives me invalid template
  2. Dear I need to send an array of over a simple tlm 2.0 FIFO. I can send/receive a single entry per time. But how can I ff.put() all the array at one time? Regards,
  3. Thanks Eyck I set the streaming width to 1; Still the same issue The initiator is connected to a bus. I expect this data to be directed to a memory connected on the same bus. When I read this memory I find a garbage value. Could you please give me a hint how can I debug that the bus routed the data correctly? If I have "m" targets and "n" initiators connected to a bus: 1. Are their arrangement mandatory? or they are connected using names? 2. Do I need to arrange this connection according to the addresses I assign to them? 3. If I have a bus with 8 ports and I would like to connect only 6 is there a way to terminate the left 2? Regards,
  4. I set the following in the constructor char test = 'X'; uint32_t t_add = 0; and in the run() sc_core::sc_time delay = sc_core::SC_ZERO_TIME; tlm::tlm_generic_payload trans; trans.set_command(tlm::TLM_WRITE_COMMAND); trans.set_address(t_add); trans.set_data_ptr((unsigned char*)&test); trans.set_data_length(1); socket->b_transport(trans, delay); I didn't receive the 'X' at the target? Do I miss something at the initiator?
  5. I build a constructor with the following { tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket<Init1> socket; char buffer = A; SC_THREAD(run); } run() { tlm::tlm_generic_payload trans; trans.set_command(TLM_READ_COMMAND); trans.set_data_ptr((unsigned char*)buffer); if ( trans.is_response_error() ) { char txt[100]; sprintf(txt, "Error from b_transport, response status = %s", trans.get_response_string().c_str()); SC_REPORT_ERROR("Error 1", txt); } socket->b_transport(trans, delay); } I usually got the error "TLM_INCOMPLETE_RESPONSE". Could you please support where can I find the issue? Is the problem in the buffer?
  6. Hi All I am new to systemC and TLM I need to connect 2 processing systems over TLM bus each system has CPU and dedicated Memory 1. how can I make the 2 PS communicate over TLM? 2. Is it better to make TLM bus 1 for PS1 and TLM bus 2 for PS2, then connect both to a new TLM Bus? How can this be done? 3. I think in another approach to use a single memory and give each processor part in it to load its own elf file there? Is this a good alternative? Regards,
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