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  1. thanks a lot sir it really worked and helped a lot .. would you please tell how to use the value_changed_event().. thanks
  2. i have uploaded a print screen , concerning my first question. i tried to make your example with value x= 2 , and y = 8 for the struct , but after making the reinterpret_cast the values appearing in the debug mode are very strange and i can not understand how i can use them in binary manner. NB : i made red squares around the points in need thanks a lot
  3. thanks a lot sir for your perfect example , but may i know the return value for this event , cause i tried to use it and never succeeded . i always receive compile error , which means i do have error in the programming syntex. thanks a lot
  4. Hi 1- i am facing a problem , many developers on working on power estimation they count the transitions from 0 to 1. if i am sending a packet of data that is user defined via sc_signal to communicate between two sc_port who also have user defined data types. how it is possible to see the data transmitted and received in a binary manner. 2- how to know in systemc if a certain line or link switched from high to low and vice versa thanks a lot.
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