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  1. Dear Sir, Greetings... These lines are same in Makefile.defs but i still cant resolve the problem. Regards
  2. Dear Sir, Greetings.... I looked into your suggestion but things are not working out. Actually I think there may be some problem in make.defs file while giving suffixes. The routing algorithms are not getting compiled as ".o files" are also not getting created while running different algos. It now shows following message provided in the attachment below. How can i solve this problem, need help in this regard
  3. Dear Sir, Greetings... Answering your questions: 1.. Yes i did add dependencies in Makefiles 2.. I looked into documentation and followed same procedure for running different algorithms 3.. It uses both command line and config files 4.. After changing config files all the parameters change except routing algorithm.. It still takes default XY algorithm even if i change the routing algorithm. Then what I observed was t
  4. Dear Sir, Greetings.... I am attaching a code below which I need to run in nirgam ....It is a .cpp file, when I run a make command it should run the algorithm and .so file should be created. But as I run it, it does not show any error but no .so file is created nor does the algorithm run. It runs a default algorithm at the backend whose .so file is already created. I don't understand why this happens.??? Regards Misbah Manzoor
  5. I am using network simulator Nirgam 2.1.. It is based sysytemc2.1... Whenever I write an algorithm in it no ".so files" are created for them. I just get the result for the same one algorithm that is inbuilt in it. Can I know reason for this and also how to rectify this problem..
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