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  1. I would suggest to leave this up to the tool vendor. (I don't believe IP-XACT provides any guidelines around this) However I think any tool should only consider optimisation (or/and reporting errors) after all the connections (including inter-connections) have been fully resolved. Kind regards, Edwin
  2. Hello Kushi, Sorry, there is no official way to achieve this using IP-XACT 2009. Kind regards, Edwin
  3. Hello Kushi, I am not sure I understand why the tool would report an error? Let's say I have instance interface A.a connected to instance interface B.b and I have connected interface B.c to interface c on the top. A specifies clock signal clockA, B specifies clock signal clockB (both interface B.b and B.c map this clock signal) and interface c maps to signal clockTop. This means that clockA is connected to clockB and clockB is connected to clockTop all signals share the direction 'in' which means that clockTop drives this connection (perfectly valid and no need for phant
  4. Hello Kushi, In IP-XACT 2014 you can pass the parameters from component to design, this should enable what you require? Kind regards, Edwin
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