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  1. let's assume there are two classes , A and B and in sc_main i am creating the object of A "only" and in class B i am using sc_find_object(hierarchical name of A) then the result from sc_find_object is sc_object type but class A is sc_module so, i typecast-ed into sc_module but still i am not able to call the Api's of class A inside class B. below code is just psedo code . sorry if there is any mistake . it is just for explaining the scenario. sc_main { A obj=new A("objectA"); } class A: sc_core:: sc_module { public: void fun() { cout<<"Hello world"; } }; class B { public: void function() { sc_core::sc_object* obj = sc_core::sc_find_object("objectA"); sc_core::sc_module* ObjNew ObjNew = dynamic_cast<sc_core::sc_module*> (obj); ObjNew->fun() - i.e fun exist in class B . but it is showing error } }; please help
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