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  1. I am new to IPXACT files. I want to know the significance of missing register fields in some register specifications. For example, in the following fields, field YYY and XXX have a gap of 3 missing fields. Can the missing fields be considered "reserved"? <ipxact:field> <ipxact:name>YYY</ipxact:name> <ipxact:description>......</ipxact:description> <ipxact:bitOffset>4</ipxact:bitOffset> . . <ipxact:bitWidth>5</ipxact:bitWidth> <ipxact:access>read-only</ipxact:access> </ipxact:field> <ipxact:field> <ipxact:name>XXX</ipxact:name> <ipxact:description>.....</ipxact:description> <ipxact:bitOffset>12</ipxact:bitOffset>
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