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  1. I happened to need the AMS User's Guide, so I went to this page, and to my surprise the download link was there. Thanks for making this happen, and for posting it here!
  2. @Martin Barnasconi thank you for your reply. Good to hear that the User Guide might be more easily available 🙂 @maehne thank you for your reply as well. Looking back at your earlier post and example, I realize that I read it completely wrong. My second approach is exactly the same as your example. My apologies for the confusion. Thank you for the time and effort!
  3. @maehne First of all, thank you for your reply. Maybe it is me, but I got the following error message when I tried SCA_ELN_MODULE: "expected constructor, destructor or type conversion before '(' token" . This makes me believe the macro is not defined. SCA_TDF_MODULE does not give me this error. Am I correct? I tried this with my ELN module as follows: LifELN lifNeuron("lifNeuron", Cm, Rm, sampleRate); lifNeuron.set_timestep(sca_core::sca_time(1000.0 / sampleRate, sc_core::SC_MS)); Unfortunately, the compiler gives me the following error: "struct LifELN has no member name
  4. Probably a very simple request, but I'd like to set the timestep of my ELN module. I found the following piece in the Language Reference Manual: "The timestep for every ELN cluster shall be derived from the timestep of a connected TDF cluster or set by the member functions set_timestep or set_max_timestep of an ELN primitive module derived from class sca_eln::sca_module of the corresponding ELN cluster." From this, I understand that it is possible to set the timestep within the ELN module. Right now, I've declared my module with SC_module(<name>). When I simply call set_timest
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