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  1. I have any class Initiator and target. In initiator, I have a thread, a method and a inout port, method sensitive with that port and thread is used to write to this port. In class Target, I have a method, that sensitive with inout port. In the top class. I instanced 2 class above and connected the inout port. I expected that in initiator, when thread writes to inout port, i expected only method of target is call but both method of Initiator and Target was called.
  2. Dear all, I have a problem when using sc_inout port as described in source file below. When I using inout port in a module, a method to sensitive with this port also a thread to write to this port. when the thread writes to inout port it also calls the method which is sensitive with this port. Is it OK for my modeling mindset: this port is output when I do write, and i expected that the method will did not call? Or did I get a mistake in somewhere? //Sorry for my english if it difficult to understand. main.cpp
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