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  1. As an alternate solutions, we have developed methods which will create a duplicate uvm_reg_map for any given uvm_reg_map. Another solution, is to extend IP reg block and create duplicate maps, size of this duplicate map will be controlled at higher levels and do a factory override. Does, UVM recommend any solution for this?
  2. UVM 1.2 manual documents that uvm_reg_map can be added as sub-map to multiple address maps (captured as below), But in the implementation, it is just throwing error when same map is added to 2nd map as submap. Is there any alternate solution recommended by UVM for this? // Cannot have more than one parent (currently) if (parent_map != null) begin `uvm_error("RegModel", {"Map '", child_map.get_full_name(), "' is already a child of map '", parent_map.get_full_name(), "'. Cannot also be a child of map '",
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