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  1. Hey thanks for this idea! When configured with --enable-pthreads it works fine and all unit tests pass: ============================================================================ Testsuite summary for SystemC 2.3.2 ============================================================================ # TOTAL: 22 # PASS: 22 # SKIP: 0 # XFAIL: 0 # FAIL: 0 # XPASS: 0 # ERROR: 0 ============================================================================ Could you give a little explanation of your idea to help me understand why it did not work with quickthreads an
  2. Hi all, I tried building SystemC on Aarch64 today on two different machines and the behavior is the same on both machines. First machine is : Raspberrypi 3 with Gentoo Linux and g++ (aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu-g++) 7.3.0 Second machine is an ArmServer with 64GB Ram and 64 Core (arm v8) and Centos 6.6 and g++ 7.3.0. On both machines i was able to build SystemC and pass the Testsuite when build with standard options (optimization on, debug off). But when i reconfigured with --enable-debug and --disable-optimize i got the following output when invoking the test
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