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  1. Hi Mastrick, Thanks for the reply. Can we have similar replace argument for set_inst_override? that would make more sense and debug will be less complex. Also, it will enable more simple inst_override usage. Thanks, Chintan
  2. Hi, Recently I was working on updates to my environment and had to switch to set_inst_override from set_type_override to be able to override the base_sequence with a different sequence for different master agents. Code in base_test to start sequence on master sequencer :: master_base_seq seq = master_base_seq::type_id::create("seq",this,"masterName"); seq.start(top.virtual_sequencer.masterSequencer); Code in test for initial override :: master_base_seq::type_id::set_inst_override(master_user1_seq::get_type,"masterName.seq"); Now, later in test I need to change t
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