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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to decide which randomization framework to use for an upcoming project. The obvious (and only?) choice seems between CRAVE & SVC. Both have their pros and cons, so it's not like there's a clear winner right off the bat. Am I missing any other choices? However, I seem to remember from a presentation at DVCon that there's some issues with the SVC core and as a result it's not going to be worked on any more, i.e. end-of-life. Then again, the latest SCV release is from 2017-12-08, which seems to contradict the "DVCon statement". Can anyone shed any extra light on this? Should I consider the current SCV to be the final one? Cheers, Anthony
  2. Thanks a lot! I'll take a look at the development branch.
  3. Hi all, The last few days I've been playing with the CRAVE version bundled in the SystemC-UVM preview (from http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/agra/systemc-verification/download.php?file=/agra/systemc-verification/media/archives/uvm-crave-0.9-alpha.tar.gz). The bundled code is almost 1.5 years old at this point, so I was wondering whether anything newer is available. My email to the official CRAVE address (info@systemc-verification.org) hasn't received a response for the past 6 days, hence I'm trying my luck here. Does anyone have knowledge of newer CRAVE code available somewhere? Is there documentation available somewhere (I've been checking out the examples and reading through the source code itself)? The version of CRAVE I've been testing with seems to have some critical shortcomings which seem showstoppers to using it in a large project: SystemC types larger than 64 bits are not supported (MSBs will always be 0). Randomizing crave::rand_vec doesn't seem to work properly: The generated elements aren't uniformly distributed at all. Generated elements often seem to repeat. Does anyone know whether these are (being) fixed? Finally, I noticed quite some code that struck me as strange/wrong/undefined behavior, so I was wondering if there's a bug tracker/repository into which one can create pull requests. In case this comes across as bashing CRAVE, that's certainly not the intent. I love that an open alternative to SystemVerilog is being worked on. Cheers, Anthony
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