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  1. In my code the variable 'inter' is changing its value by itself whenever, it is read/assigned. Please help void dff(){ cout<<"IN DFF"<<endl; cout<<sc_time_stamp()<<endl; wait(10,SC_NS); cout<<sc_time_stamp()<<endl; while(true){ wait(); cout<<"\nIN = "<<in.read()<<" TIME" <<sc_time_stamp()<<endl; inter.write(in.read()); cout<<"\nInter before wait= "<<inter.read()<<endl; wait(10,SC_NS); out.write(inter.read()); cout<<"\nInter after wait= "<<inter.read()<<endl; cout<<"\nOUT = "<<out.read()<<" TIME" <<sc_time_stamp()<<endl; cout<<"\nIN when outed = "<<in.read()<<endl; } } The Complete Code is at: here Please help. Once you run the progam, the value of inter 'before wait' and 'after wait' in the ouput. Thanks in advance
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