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  1. Thanks, but in this example they use a convenience sockets and I can`t use that.... In my project I need to have an Interconnect that contains a Child module ( so I have an hierarchical binding that is not supported by the (tagged) sockets ). So I need an Interconnect that support hierarchical binding. The tlm_*_sockets don`t have a registers, so I`m not really sure how to implement them.....
  2. Can someone give a simple exemple of an Interconnect using tlm_initiator_sockets and tlm_target_sockets, please? ( with a dummy implementation of the two transport methods blocking and non-blocking)
  3. Thanks Philipp! That is one of my problems.... is it possible to bind two tlm_initiator_sockets on the same module?
  4. Hello, I`am new to TLM and I`m trying to create a model of an Switch Matrix Hardware component and I have to use the non-blocking transport method. For now I am trying just to create the structure of my Modules. In my model I need to apply a Hierarchical binding and point-to-point communication with multiple sockets on one module. I tried to do that using the basic type of sockets (tlm_initiator/target_socket), the simple_sockets and the simple_sockets_tagged and it`s not working. From the LRM I found out that the simple_socket does not support the Hierarchical binding, so the only possibility that I see, is to use the multi-sockets. But I really need to have the two sockets ( I can`t use just a multi-socket that distribute the transactions in the two targets) and I need to have the hierarchical binding. I am not sure about the approach that I have to chose and I will be thanksfull if someone give me an advice. Thanks
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