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  1. Hi Erwin, Thanks for the quick response! Could you please elaborate a little more on "In IP-XACT 2009, the left and right values of port vector are described in XPATH expressions" ? I am not sure how I could use this to cover all parameterized and non parameretized verilog expressions (that could be used to define the port widths). Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am using the IPXACT 2009 standard to describe a verilog module. The module has a bunch of parameters and ports whose width depends on these parameters. I had a couple of questions regarding this: 1) Do the parameters go under "<spirit:model>..<spirit:modelParameters>" or under ""<spirit:model><spirit:views><spirit:view><spirit:parameters>" ? 2) From what I understand, there seems to be way to describe variable width ports in the 2014 standard but not in the 2009 standard? Thanks.
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