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  1. Hi, I'm using systemC to simulate a hierarchy of objects, where only the bottom of the hierarchy and the top are systemC modules. The objects in-between are organizational elements that allow me to create arbitrary collections of the bottom elements that I can then stamp out and efficiently wire to the top module. I want to both automate and hide the ports and channels necessary at each level. A stumbling block I've hit is how to handle the sensitivity of the top object. Currently I have as a method in the top object: SC_METHOD(send_op); for (int j=0;j<numRanks;j++) { for (int i=0;i<numPawns;i++) { sensitive << myRank[j]->receiveReady[i]; } } where Rank is the middle, non-SystemC organizing object, and the Pawns are the bottom-level SystemC objects that send a "Ready" event to the top object. I'd like to have SC_METHOD(send_op); for (int j=0;j<numRanks;j++) { sensitive << myRank[j]->get_sensitivities_from_rank(); } where get_sensitivies_from_rank is a function that returns the result of sensitive << (loop i over receiveReady[ i ]) for the container object Rank[j]. I can make a similar function that passes a collection of outputs for cout by using the ostream family, but this seems to be a much more sophisticated problem with sensitive. One of the errors I get appears to be that sensitive requires explicit channels in the << list, and anything indirect won't work. I've looked at sc_export, but that doesn't seem to work with static sensitivities...? I could also be doing this all the hard way; I've been using this as a way to learn systemC, so I'm open to any suggestions. Full code attached, if that helps. Thanks! rank.h rank.cc pawn.h pawn.cc Makefile king.h king.cc king_pawn_tst.cpp
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