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  1. Hallo Maehne, Thank you for the reply, thank helps me a lot. I have tried many times and I can now run system_ams 2.1 and systemC 2.3.2 successfully both in visual studio 2015 and visual studio 2017. One important thing in my case is that, the Runtime Library must be chosen as "Multi-threaded Debug DLL (/MDd) "in the property setting(Project->Property->c/c++->Code Generation->Runtime Library), when the systemc.lib is generated.
  2. Hello everyone, I`m new in SystemC-AMS. I have met a problem with the building of systemc_ams.lib. Here is my software environment Software: Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition of Windows 10 SystemC.lib: systemC 2.3.0 vision downloading from http://www.coseda-tech.com/systemc-ams-proof-of-concept has already been set up.Output "hello world" in youtube example "SystemC installation at Visual studio 2010" runs correctly on my computer. SystemC_ams: systemc-ams-2.1 version downloading from COSEDA http://www.coseda-tech.com/systemc-ams-proof-of-concept. I have corrected the
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