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  1. Hey.

    It's my first time with SystemC and I'm having the following problem:

    I made a control matrix that generates a 12 bits control word (sc_bv<12> CON) and I'm trying to get the 10th bit of that word. On my top level cpp I did the following:

    sc_signal<sc_bit<12> > bus_CON;

    sc_bv<12> var_bus_CON;

    var_bus_CON = bus_CON;

    sc_signal<bool> busCON10;

    busCON10 = var_bus_CON[10];

    and after I'm connecting the ref. variable that I want with that previous signal:

    programcounter.Ep( busCON10 );

    And It's not working. My signal gives me hi impedance at all simulation time. A case that should happen when Ep = 0.

    p.s: matrix.CON( bus_CON );

    Did I make anything wrong?

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