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  1. It happens because there is no source files ".cpp" when generating libmacros.la. You can work around by creating the dummy file (empty) source file and update the Makefile.
  2. 1. Thanks! 2. If I don't set auto_predict then uvm_reg_bitbash_seq will be failed. If you say so, I think that is a bug of UVM 1.1d, because currently, the write() function is finished immediately without waiting the real transaction on bus monitor update. Any suggestion to fix the problem if we don't set auto_predict?
  3. Hi all, I got problem with uvm bitbash seq with uvm-1.1d. I found, when bitbash sequence writes a value to DUT, the desired value is not updated immediately (because auto predict is disabled at default). The desired value is only updated by uvm predictor via monitor (takes long time to update this value). Therefore, at the next get() function, the value doesnt return correctly (see the following code of uvm_bitbash_seq, line 165). 159 rg.write(status, val, UVM_FRONTDOOR, map, this); 160 if (status != UVM_IS_OK) begin 161 `uvm_error("uvm_reg_bit_bash_s
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