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  1. Hi I am working on a project where I have been handed over an xml file that contains details on all the registers. I am guessing it to be Spirit 1.0 for the file begins with <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <map> With no prior experience with IP-XACT or any spreadsheet style, I am guessing that this might not be Spirit at all. However, I took my chances and downloaded the xsl(s) for up-conversion available at the following link: http://www.accellera.org/images/downloads/standards/ip-xact/update_scripts.zip I ran the convert_ns.pl using perl convert_ns.pl "ipfile.xml" "opfile.xml" and this returned no errors. I can do the same thing with convert_ns1.5.pl script too. And I get an output, just that I do not know if this is the correct output in the desired IP-XACT format. I am guessing it is not, because the latter script points only as far as 1.5 in the string. I don't know if I have to use the xsl file: from1685_2009_to_1685_2014.xsl in the script and if yes, how. Or try and change the string in the script to point to 1685-2014. Please help me here. Thanks Edit: There are no changes in the output file.
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