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  1. So Should the digital discrete-event side set the default state of the control in its initialization ?
  2. sca_eln::sca_de_rswitch sw0; SC_CTOR(mod): sw0("sw0",R_on,R_off ,off_state0) sw0.p(p); sw0.n(n); sw0.off_state =off_state1; sw0.ctrl(ctrl); From documentation : if we assume off_state1 = true sw0.off_state sets the boolean state that correspond to the switch off_state. in this case off_state is set to true, which means when the value of "ctrl" is true it will switch to R_off My question is, how to set the default state of the sw0 ? The argument "off_state0" , also sets the off_state boolean value, but it does not set the default state of the switch at initi
  3. Thanks Maehne for the high level design, and the references I will try to implement it, and post it here
  4. Hello I 'm trying to create an nxn array (nested vectors) of an rc component, with each having different r,c values ex: rc[0][0] (r=10,c=5), rc[1][1] (r=3,c=4)..... I've created the rc sub module that take the values of R and C as arguments, As follows: SC_MODULE (rc){ sca_eln::sca_terminal n; sca_eln::sca_terminal p; sca_eln::sca_r r1; sca_eln::sca_c c1; sca_eln::sca_node n1; rc( sc_core::sc_module_name nm , double r0_,double c0_) :p("p"),n("n"), r1("r1"),c1("c1"), r0(r0_),c0(c0_) { r1.p(p); r1.n(n1);
  5. I get same problem for same value of N with system of 32GB RAM and 8GB Ram
  6. Hello there, I'm building a system that includes a large number of resistors. I used sc_vector of elements and nodes, as I increase the number of resistors I get segmentation error. The below example is a simpler form of my code that also gives the same error In the code below if I use small value of N: ( N=10000): I get the right result but for N=1048576: //(large N) I get: Segmentation fault (core dumped) ------------------------------------------------------resistors in series module---------------- // p- r0-r1-r2
  7. I just modified the two header files before reading your comment :) scams/impl/predefined_moc/tdf/sca_tdf_ct_ltf_nd_proxy.h scams/impl/predefined_moc/tdf/sca_tdf_ct_vector_ss_proxy.h by adding #include<string.h> and it compiled fine I'm runing xubuntu 17.10 thanks
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