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  1. I think a clear API should be fine, considering that IEEE 1666-2011, 8.1.2 explicitly defines it as a power of 10. Maybe an assert checking if (v % 10 == 0) would be interesting here, with a more direct message about the wrong parameterization. About my specific issue, I will change the code here properly. Thanks.
  2. I think I just found a bug at the file sc_trace_file_base.cpp on version 2.3.2. It was recommended to me to report it here.The problem is at the function set_time_unit, line 193, where you can read that the parameters of the function are v and tu: void sc_trace_file_base::set_time_unit( double v, sc_time_unit tu ) As you can see, there are no restriction for the use of value v. On the code I was working at, the value was 0.5, and that is ok for SystemC 2.3.1a. However, at 2.3.2, any value of v that it is not a multiple of 10 will make the function fail in an internal assertion beca
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