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    Uwghiello got a reaction from Ehud in Install SystemC on Visual Studio 2017   
    I am trying to install systemC on visual studio 2017 but it seems that I cannot find the guide for it. So I had to follow the guide of installing systemC on VS2010 :(  
    In fact, I have got systemC.lib but when I configured the project for systemC, i.e, the project->property->C/C++->Code Generation->Runtime Library->balabalabala... finished all of them and build solutions, there are some errors. 
    So...what should I do? Totally confused because I know nothing about VS =_=
    PS: the guide is here

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    Uwghiello reacted to Philipp A Hartmann in Install SystemC on Visual Studio 2017   
    Starting with SystemC 2.3.2, the MSVC project files shipped with the package use the DLL-based runtime library.  Therefore it is not necessary (instead rather harmful) to select the statically linked runtime library in your application.
    Secondly, you should not set the SC_SIGNAL_WRITE_CHECK environment variable to DISABLE (unrelated to your current issue, but suggested in the video above).
    More instructions on using MSVC with SystemC can be found in the INSTALL file shipped with the proof-of-concept simulator.

    Hope that helps,
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