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  1. I suppose the committee has already have noted these typos, but here goes. Section 11.7.7, p.83, line 9: "and domain_B is 1" should read "or domain_B is 0" to be consistent with the constraint on line 20. Section 13.3.3, pp. 137-138. Actions a2 and a3 are present in Example 105, but not Example 104. Actually, it is very difficult to follow the explanation on page 123 by looking at Example 104. Section 14.6.1, p.160. Lines 5 and 26 contain this line ignore burst_type ? (burst_len < 2) : 1; The "1" next to the semicolon should probably be a zero to match the stated ignore buckets. Similar code appears on p.161. Section 15.2.3, p.173, lines 19-20. The sentence "Action reg2axi_top_x specifies all instances of axi_write_action need to be instances of axi_write_action_x4, which supersedes the override in reg2axi_top" does not correspond to anything in Examples 140 and 141, and may need to be deleted.
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