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  1. n order to run Network on chip simulator form Github called "noxim" , I am getting a fatal error in the last step (build noxim) when I am trying to type "make" concerning Systemc.h and sincerely don't fully understand: saliha@ubuntu:~/Downloads/noxim-master/bin$ make g++ -O3 -Wall -DSC_NO_WRITE_CHECK --std=c++11 -I../src -isystem libs/systemc-2.3.1a/include -Ilibs/yaml-cpp/include -c ../src/Stats.cpp -o build/Stats.o In file included from ../src/Stats.h:17:0, from ../src/Stats.cpp:11: ../src/DataStructs.h:14:21: fatal error: systemc.h: No such file or directory #include &
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