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  1. could you please send me the relevant link? Thanks
  2. how can I bind simple_initiator_socket_tagged<T,128> to simple_target_socket<T> and vice versa. Thanks
  3. I am looking for a table that summarizes what port binds to what. specifically binding simple_initiator_socket_tagged to simple_target_socket and vice versa. Thanks
  4. What is the correct way to handle transaction data pointer (set_data_ptr). If I free it right after b_transport I get an error since transaction handling isn't completes. Unlike tlm_extension it is not freed once transaction is completed. void rx_thread() { while(1) { uint8_t *buf = new uint8_t[ETH_MAC_PACKET_MAX_LEN]; tlm::tlm_generic_payload* pkt_trans = new tlm::tlm_generic_payload(); pkt_trans->set_command(tlm::TLM_WRITE_COMMAND); pkt_trans->set_data_length(ETH_MAC_PACKET_MAX_LEN); pkt_trans->set_data_ptr((unsigned char *)(buf)); phy2m
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