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    This document is a printable version of the Easier UVM Coding Guidelines from Doulos. You are free to use these guidelines directly, to merge them into your own company-specific UVM coding guidelines, or merely to borrow some of the ideas. These coding guidelines are offered by Doulos for the benefit of the UVM community. They are not officially endorsed by Accellera.
  2. The UVM Golden Reference Guide shares the same format as the 7 other GRG titles Doulos currently publish. Unlike the Accellera reference guide, the GRG does not attempt to itemize every single feature of UVM (only 95% of them ;-). Nor is it a text book or tutorial. Rather, it provides quick reference information and examples weighted toward the most frequently used topics, along with hints on best practice and pitfalls. We are not planning an e-paper release in the near future, though like the OVM and VMM GRGs, an electronic version may follow in due course.
  3. Doulos will be releasing the UVM Golden Reference Guide at DAC in June 2011. You can find details of the UVM GRG release, plus an introductory video on UVM and a recording of the presentation Easier UVM for Functional Verification for Mainstream Users at http://www.doulos.com/knowhow/sysverilog/uvm/ John A
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