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  1. But In target what may be the names when implementing these two b_transport function?
  2. Hi sir, I am learning systemC by writing UART module. In UART, address for transmit and receive register is same. So in UART model(target) I am getting difficulty when accessing these registers from testbench(Intiator).
  3. SC_MODULE(target) { tlm_utils::simple_target_socket<target> socket1; tlm_utils::simple_target_socket<target> socket2; SC_CTOR(target) : socket1("socket1") , socket2("socket2") { socket1.register_b_transport(this, &target::first_b_transport); socket2.register_b_transport(this, &target::second_b_transport); } void first_b_transport( tlm::tlm_generic_payload &, sc_core::sc_time & ); void second_b_transport( tlm::tlm_generic_payload &, sc_core::sc_time & ); };
  4. Hi, First up on thanks for replying, my question is in model I need to implement two b_transport methods, so that I created two target sockets and register the b_transport_1 function to target socket socket1 and second b_transport_2 function to target socket socket2. When I compile code it giving error as error: ‘class tlm::tlm_fw_transport_if<>’ has no member named ‘b_transport_2’ As you suggest in, Thanks in advance, / Veena
  5. Hello, I have created two target sockets for b_transport method, but i am getting error as, error: ‘class tlm::tlm_fw_transport_if<>’ has no member named ‘uart_t_socket_b_transport’ please suggest me to correct error. Thank you, Veena
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