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    yosri ben salah reacted to AmeyaVS in systemC design   
    Hello @yosri ben salah,
    As far as my experience is OpenCV image processing algorithms cannot be directly translated to synthesized design.
    It would involve manual translation of the algorithms in it's current form, but the work is progressing as mentioned here about utilizing the FPGA's.
    Ameya Vikram Singh
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    yosri ben salah reacted to maehne in refine Code   
    There are many issues in your code:
    You do not instantiate your module ImageProcessing in sc_main(). The member function ImageProcessing::synchronisation() is never used. From the code, you probably want that it shall be executed as a SC_THREAD. You mix C and C++ for memory allocation and IO. I suggest you to use <iostream> instead of <stdio.h> for your input and output needs. Use new and delete instead of malloc() and free() if you really need it. However, it is usually better to use a suitable container, e.g., std::vector instead of raw pointers and manually allocated memory. Prefer to #include <systemc> over <systemc.h>, <cstdlib> over <stdlib.h>, etc. to avoid polluting the public namespace. The variable b, used in your code, doesn't seem to have been declared. If b is an int, the division by 196608 won't yield the floating point result, which you expect as an integer division will be performed. ... These are just the ones, which jump to the eye. It seems you are not only struggling with SystemC, but also with C++. I suggest you to read a good introductory book on C++ (Stroustrup: "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++" or "The C++ Programming Language") as well as on SystemC (e.g. Black, Donovan et al.: "SystemC from the Ground Up").
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    yosri ben salah reacted to apfitch in memory exception   
    You should be able to view the Call Stack in Visual C++ - that may give you an idea of exactly where the exception is being thrown,
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    yosri ben salah reacted to kartikkg in systemC on visual studio 2015   
    Remove the include line stafx.h, as far as the differences are considered between Visual Studio and Linux certain header files will be different between them. 
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    yosri ben salah reacted to AmeyaVS in motion detection source code   
    Hello @yosri,
    This is mostly a discussion forum. In-case you need help while having issues in implementing your design, then do post your queries here.
    While assuming members to straight away help you in your homework is too much to ask.
    Kindly show us some research input about the project and some implementation that you have written, and facing issues with them.
    It would be unwise to comment since one can have multiple implementation of the said requirement as it is too vague, plus show us some due diligence in researching about the topic you are working on.
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