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  1. Hi, I am running the ncsim.In that I am getting unresolved module error. ERROR- ncelab: *E,CUVMUR (../altera_emif_mem_model_core_ddr4_161/sim/altera_emif_ddrx_model_per_device.sv,283|12): instance 'ed_sim.mem.core.pp_gen[0].inst.depth_gen[0].mem_inst.gen_ddr4_rcd_chip.inst' of design unit 'rcd2_top' is unresolved in 'ed_sim_altera_emif_mem_model_core_ddr4_161.altera _emif_ddrx_model_per_device:module'. In altera_emif_ddrx_model_per_device.sv file i am added rcd2_top. The rcd2_top module is .vp file.Is there any changes to be done for compiling protected file in ncsim?? I incl
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