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  1. Hi Philipp, Thanks for the suggestions, we will try to split the constructors. thanks
  2. Hi, yes, you are right, it was on Win 7 Platform, which has 32GB memory.
  3. Hi All, Do you have any comments on the issue below? We have a very big SC_MODULE (auto generated), we split it into 28 cpp files. and the SC_CTOR has about 100K lines. We compile the design on a 32GB Linux server, and get out of memory error: cc1plus.exe: out of memory allocating 33554432 bytes make: *** [obj/ldpc_decoder_core_1.o] Error 1 thanks, Qingwen
  4. Hi Philipp, Thanks for your reply. Both SystemC library and the cases are built with the same g++/binutils ( g++4.6.3 and binutils 2.22 ). The simulation logics are totally wrong, for example, some 'if-else' expressions cannot be executed correctly. I guess there are something wrong with the library linking. After some web searching, I tried that only g++4.8 will work with binutils2.22 for these cases. BTW, SysC lib version is 2.3. thanks, Qingwen
  5. I have met a few cases that can pass simulation with 'binutils-2.17' and 'binutils-2.20.1'. But failed with 'binutils-2.22'. The gcc version is 4.6.3. It seems that 'binutils-2.22' must be used with gcc 4.8, right? I am wondering whether you have ever met such issues too? thanks, Qingwen
  6. Hi All, Is there any good method to implement 'peek()' function for 'sc_fifo_in' port? We want to read the fifo data without poping it. (yes, tlm_fifo_ifs can do this.) thanks
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