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  1. Thank you very much, @maehne ! The example in the clause helped me a lot. I think, I can work with it, now. Best Regards
  2. Thank you @AmeyaVS for your response. Do you know of other approaches that achieve what I have written above? I thought, that it must be possible like this after reading a paper about distributing SystemC. But maybe, they didn't implement it in this way. Best Regards
  3. Hello, I have issues understanding sc_simcontext::next_time. The easiest way to describe what does not make sense for me is to give an example: #include <systemc> using namespace sc_core; SC_MODULE(A) { sc_out<bool> out; SC_CTOR(A) { SC_THREAD(t); } void t() { bool c = false; while (1) { wait(sc_time(1, SC_NS)); c = !c; out.write(c); } } }; SC_MODULE(B) { sc_in<bool> in; SC_CTOR(B) { SC_THREAD(t) } void t() { while (1) { wait(in.value_changed_event()); std::cout << "got: " << in.read() << std::endl; }
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