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  1. SOLVED: Nevermind, I made some mistakes in calling the wrong methods for writing/reading from ports. Thanks for your attention anyway! I'm trying to implement this example of a memory and a cpu that are communicating. CPU <==> MEM The modules use a single bidirectional data-line for reading/writing. I defined a signal in sc_main: sc_signal<int,SC_MANY_WRITERS> s_memdata; which I connect to the CPU and MEM module through their ports: sc_inout<int> p_memdata; The CPU is writing to the s_memdata signal: p_memdata.write(getrnddata());
  2. Guys, thank you for your time. As you suggested it is important to connect the TDF input, outputs and signals properly. I erroneously had the bitsource module inherit from a standard SystemC module SC_MODULE although it contained a sca_out. Changing this to a AMS module (SCA_TDF_MODULE) solved the error. Again, thanks for your valuable time. You indirectly pointed me to my error which helped me a lot.
  3. Dear maehne, UPDATE 22:23, I've found the error. Posted below. On the top-most level I have connected TDF signals from a signal source to the transmitter, then from the transmitter to the receiver and finally from the receiver to a dummy drain. bitsource -> transmitter -> receiver -> drain sca_tdf::sca_signal<bool> bit_in, bit_out; sca_tdf::sca_signal<double> wave; bitsource bs("bitsource", 1); bs.out( bit_in ); transmitter tx("transmitter", 10000. , 1000 ); tx.in( bit_in ); tx.out( wave ); receiver rx("receiver", 10000., 1000, 0.02 ); rx.
  4. Thanks for your reply Karsten, I already attached the wave signal to the sca_out of the sine model: sin->out(wave); The other connection is to the sca_in of the mixer model. So, I don't see any problems here but I might be mistaking. With kind regards,
  5. Dear reader, I recently started exploring SystemC and SystemC AMS. I'm working through this presentation/tutorial by TU Delft. I'm trying to connect two SCA_TDF modules through a sca_tdf::sca_signal to build the Binary Amplitude Shift Keying modulator. In the constructor of my 'transmitter' I creating two instantiations of a 'mixer' and a 'sine'. mix = new mixer("mixer", rate ); mix->in_bit(in); mix->carrier(wave); mix->mixed(out); sin = new sine("sin", freq, rate ); sin->out(wave); Whereas signals, ports and pointers of this transmitter are define
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