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  1. Hello isbelen, Kindly look into the post I made earlier of enabling "--enable-pthreads" while configuring the SystemC library. Currently the Cygwin 64-bit SystemC library build is non-functional with Quick Threads Library for user space threading. Also, kindly refer the post discussing the same from Mr. @Philipp A Hartmann and Mr. @ralph.goergen. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
  2. Hello Everyone, I am able to build the SystemC library on cygwin(64-bit) with gcc 5.4.0. I am currently using this command to configure the library for building: ../configure --prefix=$HOME/apps/sysc231a --enable-pthreads --enable-debug Note: Kindly note that the --enable-pthreads option while configuration. It seems the configure script by default uses the QuickThreads user space library for thread support in SystemC library. With QuickThreads the SystemC library is not able to execute SC_THREAD's and quite a few of the regression tests also fails. Currently the systemc library is statically built, and I am able to develop models in Cygwin environment. Regards, Ameya Vikram Singh
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