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  1. Ah ok, thanks a lot ! I'll take a look at it
  2. Hey, Thank you for your answer I didn't try it but it might work ! (I don't necesserly need vectors for my purpose ) Some guy working with me gave me another one which worked just fine. I share in case some one else is interested. Instead of static declaration, use dynamic in constructor. sc_fifo<... > *Fifos [...]; my_module(sc_module_name _name) : sc_module(_name) { for(i=0;i<...;i++) Fifos = new sc_fifo< ... > (nb_of_slots); ... } ~my_module() { for(i=0;i<...;i++) delete Fifos; }; Here yo
  3. Hi every one, My question might be a bit dumb, i'm a bit new to all of this. I have a module using an array of Fifos and I want to initialize em with custom depth (# of slots, not 16 as default). When using only one sc_fifo you can give the number of slots in the constructor for instance SC_CTOR(....):......... fifo(#Slots){ But when using an array of, it I don't know how I am supposed to do. Everything I try won't work. Can you help me with this ? Please Thomas
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