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  1. I have a header file, a cpp file and a testbench. Now what i am trying to accomplish is : I have a text file which has a 75 bit packet. I need to use this packet in an input signal declared in the header file. Now the problem is if i use the function to call the text file, it doesnt open up the contents of the cpp file for me so the values are not assigned i know. If i use a main function and not a function declared in the header file then i can see the file is being opened but then the the vcd file does not get created at all so i dont know what happens then. Once this is solved i also need to ask, if i have 10 lines of 5 bit 1s and 0s in the text file and need to assign it 10 different variables then how can i do it ? I can share my code if you want ?
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