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  1. Hi, TLM 1.0 still a current std. it is supporting/providing low level interfaces for transaction level modeling(like packets/ not pin level) . It is widely using in SV-OVM based Env. TLM 1.0 was not designed specifically for bus modeling or interoperability. Please refer to the following page. http://accellera.org/downloads/standards/systemc thanks, Sudha.
  2. hi, I am sorry to misled you in my previous response. Target can return END_RESP - when the PHase need to be skipped. In this case, initiator may return TLM_COMPLETED. But is not mandatory. Thanks, Sudha.
  3. hi, Target /slave can send only END REQ and BEGIN_RESP. target can't send END_RESP. Thanks, Sudha.
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