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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post. Hope you are all well. I work for a major US car manufacturer in Silicon Valley. I am organizing an internal workshop on a general topic of modeling and simulation for pre-silicon SW development. I want to bring my audience to a common understanding of Virtual Platforms based upon SystemC\TLM. The workshop will be held in San Jose', CA at the end of September. I would prefer someone (1) Who's local as we don't have budget for travel expenses, but we can pay an honorary fee for the speech (2) who's not affiliated with any tool vendor as we don't need a sales pitch. The speech should be focused on a explanation of the SystemC\TLM technology and how it can be used to create Virtual Platforms for embedded SW development (we are not interesting in learning, at least for now, on how to create a SystemC model), followed by industrial experiences in deploying it in large companies with legacy development processes for embedded SW (including SW integration and testing). Then a Q & A would follow. I would expect the speech/presentation to take 1 hr or 90 mins tops including Q & A. If interested or know some one that would fit the profile, please reply to this thread and then we can take it from here. Thanks for your attention. Paolo
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