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  1. I didn't find an efficient bug report entrance so I decided to post it here to see whether people think this is a bug or not. I'm trying to use Ralph's solution to reset the sim context (see http://forums.accellera.org/topic/2273-problem-with-re-instatiation-of-modules/). However, that only works well with those modules that don't have a reset signal. I spent some time debugging this with reset signal and found that: This method, sc_reset::reconcile_resets() at src/sysc/kernelsc_reset.cpp:160, is supposed to iterate over all things in reset_finder_q, a static linked list of sc_reset_finder, and delete sc_reset_finder one by one (see line 168-170 for the nature of a linked list, line 195 for delete). Here comes the bug: after the loop, it should but it forgot to set reset_finder_q to NULL! If reset_finder_q is not NULL when I reset the sim context, the next reset signal at line 97 will append itself to a non-existing queue node, which makes the next reconcile_reset cast seg fault. I could see that it's indeed undefined behavior to reset the sim context, but in general it is not a good idea to forget to reset some pointer. Thanks, Shunning
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