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  1. Hello, I'm coding an SC_THREAD where I receive a flux of pixels which is saved within a buffer called image_buffer. This buffer is of size 3 lines x 720 columns. What I'm trying to do is that when the buffer is filled with two lines and the first 4 columns of the third line, it starts to copy the content of the buffer within another matrix called img. Below is the code: void FILTER::filtering(){ if(!reset_n){ p_out.write(0); h_out.write(false); v_out.write(false); cout << "module: " << name() << "... reset!" << endl; } while(1){ while(!h_i
  2. Hello, I'm writing a module in SystemC which basically works as follows: it receives a string of bytes through a port p_in and a control signal through the port h. The module must save the bytes within a matrix matrix just if the h signal is true. Within the SC_THREAD I'm using I implemented this: void MY_MODULE::my_method(){ if(!rst){ //put all the output ports to 0 } while(1){ //The module waits while the signal h is false while(!h) wait(); //The iterations to fill in the matrix begin //The iterations must work just if h = true for(i=0; i<100
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