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  1. Philipp, Thanks for this clear & detailed answer! As you said it wouldn't hurt to update sometime for paranoid compiler flags fans Best regards, Alexandre
  2. Hi everybody, I have some trouble understanding why sc_interface.h in systemc 2.3 contains: private: static sc_event m_never_notified; #if __SUNPRO_CC == 0x520 // Workaround for a bug in the Sun WorkShop 6 update 2 compiler. // An empty virtual base class can cause the optimizer to // generate wrong code. char dummy; #endif }; and nobody ran into this issue? Should __SUNPRO_CC be defined by default by the compiler on any platform? with the right set of flags I get with gcc: Is it an already reported bug? To me the right code would be private: static sc_event m_never_notified;
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