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  1. On 12/1/2014 at 2:53 PM, deepakuec said:

    Hi Team,


    I downloaded the uvm_ref_flow_1.2.tar.gz


    In this example I am seeing for uart_ctrl_env.sv . Why the below lines are removed ?


    // uart_ctrl_reg_sequencer reg_sequencer;  //KAM - removed register sequencer

    //reg_sequencer = uart_ctrl_reg_sequencer::type_id::create("reg_sequencer", this);  //KAM - removed register sequencer


    But looks like as per the Cook book we should have this code here . Is this a old code which is not working ?


    The other question I have , In the flow example why we are not using the UVM reg layer for creating the interrupt sequence, We are directly creating apb seq .

    I think it should have been uvm_reg_sequence rather than APB sequence ?




    This makes me wonder if this book is for the old release -  UVM 1.1?   A new version of UVM1.2 was released in 2014.    

    Dave W

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