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  1. In p.433 of the UVM class reference manaul, sequence.kill() refers to a sequencer.unregister_sequence() method. Where is the unregister_sequence() method? It is not in the sequencer API? Horace
  2. Hi, I would like to report a typo in the UVM class reference manual. P.748 get_uvmargs This function returns a queue with all of the uvm arguments that were used to start the simulation. A UVM argument is taken to be any argument that starts with a - or + and uses the keyword UVM (case insensitive) as the first three letters of the argument. get_uvmargs should be get_uvm_args, missing a _ Horace
  3. Thanks for the explaination. I hope Accellera would clean it up in the IEEE-UVM standard to avoid having ambigious build order.
  4. If you are using Cadence, try change "program test" to "module test" and see whether it solve your problem. I encountered SV threads scheduling issues when mixing class inside a program and sequence.get_next_item() in a module.
  5. Hi, I notice something interesting in the build_phase order of uvm_component. The uvm_component at the same level are build in the alphabetatical order of the instance name. I expect the build order would be the same as the order I call the factory create function. I am wondering is the alphabetatical build order an intended feature of UVM or just some artifact of the implementation? I couldn't find any reference to this behavior in the UVM user guide or the class reference library. Thanks. Horace
  6. To make uvm_random_stimulus useful, I think UVM should add a pull port to this class. The whole sequence/sequencer concept is based on pulls from the driver, uvm_random_stimulus does not fit well within this picture.
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