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  1. Dave, I think you misinterpret the method operator const T& () const This is a cast operator that would allow to cast your signal to its underlying type. This can be called implictly, as in : sc_signal<int> sig; sig.write(2); int val = sig; # val gets the value 2 But this is not your case : your method's parameter's type is "sc_signal<T> &", so no conversion should occur here.
  2. Ok, would be good if this can be fixed, I'm afraid I need the debug flag when coding c++ I will check that as soon as I can. Thanks for your help !
  3. Hi Alan, Ok, sorry for the release notes, I did not look in the most obvious place... I have read the bug fixes part of 2.3.1 and could not find anything relevant. For the SO post, I would say this is not related : I have also tried to compile the systemc library with the GLIBCXX_DEBUG flag, and then compiling the whole program. It gave a segmentation fault (that is a different behavior than when the lib is compiled normally).
  4. Hi, Sorry for posting that here as I guess this is not the usual bug report tool, and also sorry if this is a duplicate. I have tried to look for this issue on the forum, but could not find. Environment: I am using systemc proof of concept downloaded from accelera, version 2.3.0. The bug appears on cygwin/g++5.3.0 and also on linux centOS/g++4.7.3. Issue : When compiling with flag -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG, the program will crash with a core dump when systemc is not compiled in debug mode. When compiled in debug mode, the program will crash with an error message "Error: (E513) an sc_modul
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