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  1. Hi, I'm trying to install SystemC on Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. I downloaded SystemC 2.3.0 and did the steps in this tutorial: http://www.ict.kth.se/courses/IL2452/Sept2009/TUTORIAL-SystemC-with-Microsoft-Visual-Studio.pdf I opened the C++ project in SystemC 2.3.0\...\msvc80 folder and tried to build it, but i got the following errors: 1>------ Erstellen gestartet: Projekt: SystemC, Konfiguration: Debug Win32 ------ 1> sc_list.cpp 1>c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 11.0\vc\include\xkeycheck.h(195): warning C4005: 'for': Makro-Neudefinition 1> c:\users
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