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  1. Reuse 2016 will be held on 1 Dec at the computer history museum in Mt View Ca. Is anyone from this group attending or presenting? John Eaton
  2. I have a question about using the new ip-Xact catalog file. You can use this to get the relative path to any other ip_Xact file including other catalog files. How do we handle pointing to another catalog file that is contained in a different RCS repository? To do this you need to know where the user placed that repository in their design environment relative to your repository and the name that they called it. You have no way of knowing either piece of information. If you mandate the name and location for that repository then you are violating the fundamental IP-Xact principl
  3. Olof, Standardized names only work if you have a single organization with enough clout to impose their naming conventions onto the entire industry. Those companies are very rare and suffer from a problem with lag time. A lone developer needs a new name NOW and may not be able to guess the final name is that will be chosen. The beauty of IP-Xact is that anyone with a valid URL can create VLNV descriptors that are unique through out the world. We need an IP-Xact file where you can create a new fileType with your name and VLNV. If anyone else uses the same language with a different name
  4. I don't see how you could ever hope to put these items in a standard and not have it obsolete by the next day. I am now working with code written in chisel so I use fileType user for now but what happens when chisel is added as a fileType? Do all my files break or do I have to check for either case? John Eaton
  5. Sachin, I don't understand what you mean by sub-blocks at different locations. A sub-block of an ip-xact component is itself another ip-xact component. You download all of your ip into your design environment and every component is stored in its own place. If it is used by multiple other componennts then they all get its files from that one location. The best way that I have found to use environment variables is to run all off your toolflow scripts from the top level of your design environment. If you do that then $HOME provides the absolute pathname to your design environment and
  6. Hello all, I have been using ip-xact since the 2009 to drive my digital tool flows and I am disapointed at the slow rate of adoption that I see in this industry. It is time to admit that our marketing plan of "if we build it then they will come" has not been working and come up with a real plan. Our target customer is not the tool smith,ip creator or silicon vendor. Those groups are already on board. Our target has to be the soc designers who create the designs and bring them to production. How do we convince them to change their tried and true methods for something new? First of all we s
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