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  1. And I apologize for the late answers but email notifications was turned off. Now they are turned back on.... /JSA
  2. Some comments/answers.... @Thomas T: Adding a uvm_fatal in the constructor is of course possible but the compilers should catch it. Some do and some don't. I do not see this a s a big issue. When we toss backwards compatibility then it can be turned into an abstract class now as UVM IEEE should support this in the factory. More examples are always nice 🙂 The scoreboard is delivered as an end-point you can say. All the infrastructure leading upto the scoreboard is your own responsibility.. Now, you are right that you need a component which basically does a type cast on the AP in
  3. It was a tar/gzip combo. Use: tar xzf <file> to unpack it on Linux. On Windows 7-Zip can do it but then you need to do it two times. The first time it will turn the .tgz into a .tar file which then has to be unpacked. /JSA
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