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  1. Allan and Ralph, First off, thank you both for such a swift response. I will definitely look into the next_trigger() option. I hadn't considered it earlier. Also, Ralph, the code is incomplete. I didnt want to copy paste the entire thread since i thought it would be quite cumbersome to go through every bit. I have used the wait () option a few times, and also used the infinite loop for SC_thread. Entire code for SC_Thread: void NoximRouter::txProcess_mode() { while( buffer_snd.Size()!=0) //Going with just one buffer(may be corresponding to the router,... but actually for the proces
  2. Good Day All, I am a complete noob in SystemC. I am however, working on a simulator which utilizes a few concepts from SystemC. Kernel is picking up on either the Sc_Method or the Sc_Thread. I am aware of the wait command. It can only be used in the sc_thread. But in my code, (excerpt) I am currently using SC_thread and sc_method simultaneously. I wanted to introduce a delay in simulation time in the sc_thread (using the wait command). Is there a way to forward the simulation time in SC_METHOD that is analogous to wait() in SC_Thread. I did change one of the functions to SC_Thread, and
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