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  1. Use Write method instead of set/update. As update() writes only the 'changed' parts. Conditional write (compare and write). // model.rfile0.ureg0.destination.set(16'h7698); // model.rfile0.ureg0.update(status); model.rfile0.ureg0.write(status, 16'h7698, .parent(this));
  2. Hi, Please try below report catcher. ---------------------------------------------------------------- class test1_demoter extends uvm_report_catcher; `uvm_object_utils(test1_demoter) function new(string name="test1_demoter"); super.new(name); endfunction function action_e catch(); if(get_severity() == UVM_INFO) begin set_severity(UVM_WARNING); `uvm_info("demoter", "Caught FATAL / demoted to ERROR", UVM_MEDIUM) end if (get_verbosity()== UVM_LOW) begin return CAUGHT; end return THROW; endfunction endclass --------------------------------
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