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  1. Ah. I guess eventually they will remove its usage from systemc.h then.
  2. I was able to get simple_bus example to build and run properly (output matches golden.log) by commenting out line 118 of systemc.h. Here is the snippet: using std::getc; using std::getchar; // using std::gets; // wkk using std::putc; using std::putchar; Now I just get a few warnings about my compiler being "unknown". 1>------ Rebuild All started: Project: simple_bus, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ 1> simple_bus_types.cpp 1> simple_bus_tools.cpp 1> simple_bus_master_non_blocking.cpp 1> Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests an
  3. Hi, I'm just getting started with SystemC and I'm having trouble getting the examples to work. I have started with simple_bus because it was one of the failing tests under Cygwin64. So I wanted to try Visual C++ because it is supposed to be one of the supported platforms. I downloaded and installed the latest, which is Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015. I loaded the systemc Solution provided by the SystemC download and it built successfully. I see a systemc.lib in this folder: msvc80\SystemC\Debug Then I loaded the examples Solution, selected the simple_bus project, and then st
  4. Hi, I get the same error described by the OP and I have the same configuration. Here is the output when I run ./test.exe: Wes@kirk-asus ~/systemc/systemc-2.3.1/examples/sysc/simple_bus $ ./test.exe SystemC 2.3.1-Accellera --- Aug 28 2015 10:54:34 Copyright (c) 1996-2014 by all Contributors, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED and here is the directory listing. Notice that the run.log is empty. Wes@kirk-asus ~/systemc/systemc-2.3.1/examples/sysc/simple_bus $ ll total 789K -rwx---r-x 1 Wes Wes 1013 Apr 18 2014 ChangeLog* -rw----r-- 1 Wes Wes 5.6K Aug 28 13:24 diff.log -rw----r--
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